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The Salt Lake City Family History Library has literally been around for decades. They wanted to modernize the experience. As a lead designer at Storhaus Studio, I worked directly with our Creative Director to completely redesign the library to be much more interactive and engaging.

Treehouse sketches



We built a children's area in the center of the library so that parents could see their kids no matter where they were. We also thought it should resemble a treehouse as a metaphor to a family tree.

I built the entire library out on SketchUp so we could make detailed decisions. Everything from the layout of the walls to the style of the carpet was up to us. We made sure the space was open, so that people could see what else was available as they journeyed through.


I had such a blast with my creative director on this project. Nearly all of the design decisions were ours and this project is scheduled to be built soon!

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