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Defeat BOCO

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2018 - 2019 is a microsite we created to challenge the creative capabilities of our team and illustrate our process to our clients. With over 5,900 visitors and 180+ resource downloads in a week, Defeat BOCO has been featured on top of Muzli, in Communiation Arts, and has been nominated for Site of the Day from CSS Design Awards.

Our creative director challenged our design team to come up with an interactive experience we could create internally. After several rounds of ideation, I was chosen to lead the illustration, storytelling, and UX efforts of the site. Syncing regularly with our Creative Director, Director of Strategic Innovation, and dev teams, I created most of the illustrations, storyboarded the animations and interactions, and communicated the vision to our dev teams local and remote.

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Mark Nader
Jeff Bick
Johnny Rodriguez
Dev teams

Primary UX designer & illustrator

Creative director

Director of strategic innovation

Remote & local teams

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Not too realistic,

but not too playful

The style needed to be adventurous and exciting, but not too playful. Illustrations that were too realistic would put a heavy load on our animation budget, whereas characters that were too simple couldn't engage the users like we hoped.

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See it live

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