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Property Management App

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Web app



Real estate
2018 - 2019

A large property management application provider came to our team to help them redesign their online experience; a white-labeled application that was used by properties across the country to showcase their available properties and handle tenant applications.

I dealt directly with our client, providing them with data-driven designs. We thought through every aspect of the process, and delivered designs that were purposeful, functional, and simplified.

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Mark Nader

Primary UX designer & researcher

Marc Wallace

UX director

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Jamie Malsam

Project manager

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Most applicants...

won’t consider applying before viewing imagery

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browse for apartments on mobile and apply on a desktop

are concerned with the cost of the apartment

have a flexible move-in date

won’t apply until they’ve visited an apartment in person


Most applications...

Show imagery, but often require at least one click to view it

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are designed for desktop

are not direct with the cost

force users to select a move-in date before browsing