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Relevant is a marketing agency that helps small companies keep track of their marketing leads by office. Their current software can manage two or three offices just fine. However, they recently acquired a client that has over 100 offices... enter Gravity 23, our design consultancy.


Relevant's app allows you to view a list of the offices you are managing. From it's main dashboard, you can view your offices on a map and then zoom in to select areas nearby that you would like to send carrier routes to. 

old interface

It's not the most beautiful app, but it can get the job done just fine, unless you have a list of 50+ offices...


We brainstormed as a team, and came up with the concept of breaking the interface into two separate views.


The primary view (on the left) is the map view. From here you can see a list of your offices and add leads by selecting areas on the map. You can select or deselect these areas directly from this list and filter what you see on the map (competitors' offices, prospects, etc.) The main call to action is to purchase leads.

The secondary view (on the right) is the office management view. Here you can see more details on your offices, and sort and organize them by dragging and dropping them into groups. They are listed in a table format as well so that you can find the office you are looking for by sorting on tags if necessary. 

Breaking the interface into two sections focuses a user's goals and eases the cognitive load when using this app. Office management and lead generation are two separate activities and are treated as such.

High fidelity mock

Filter to find the offices and areas you want to focus on the left...

High fidelity mock

...and select the offices you want to focus on. The orange pin is the office selected. The blue pins are competitors in the area, easily accessible with the toggles on the top right.

High fidelity mock

The office manager allows you to organize your offices. Built especially for the customer that has well over 100 offices to keep track of.

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