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*Only part of this project is shown for confidentiality purposes

Domo is a business intelligence platform, sometimes serving thousands of users at a time. We needed to add the ability to edit the capabilities of our users in a scalable way. So we did some research and came up with a Job to be Done Statement from the viewpoint of an administrative user.


When I have several thousand users in my system I want to change permissions on hundreds of users at once so I can save my time and the company's money.

Currently, editing a users capabilities is similar to pulling out teeth. The administrator must select each user individually, then edit his or her access to content one item at a time. Administrators spend hours a day trying to keep their systems organized with this workflow.


Working hand-in-hand with our development team, we brainstormed, interviewed, and "white-boarded" until we came up with the idea of using a table for each section.


Our administrators are familiar with using tables to sift through large amounts of information, so we added the ability to mass-edit by selecting a checkbox to the left of each content item. Each content list was organized

into its own table as well, so that administrators could easily access tables of people, pages, or other content.


With some pertinent filters and meaningful organization by column, we were able to build an intuitive redesign that is receiving amazing feedback while in beta testing. My favorite part of this project was seeing the excitement our team had building this feature because of how involved everyone was in the whole process.

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